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Potentially the highest yielding forage crop in the UK, Fodder Beet has been undergoing a revival in recent seasons.

Growth has come from three areas: An area used for out-wintering sheep and young cattle, arable farmers growing it as a cash crop and increasing use of beet as a feedstock for anaerobic digesters. Nutritionists value the high sugar content of the beet, especially because of its relatively slow release. It also contains highly digestible fibre, both work well in dairy and beef rations, especially in diets using a high proportion of cereals and maize.

Seed rate: 42,500 - 50,000 seeds/acre (105,000 - 124,000 seeds/ha).  Seed is packed in packs of 50,000 or 100,000 seeds.

  Low Dry Matter Medium Dry Matter High Dry Matter Very High Dry Matter
Key Varieties Brigadier Lactimo Geronimo Fortimo Summo GoldimoEnermax Gahan 
Popular Varieties Feldherr / Jamon / Kyros Robbos / Blaze / Tarine Magnum / Blizard / Beretta Barents / Gerty
Root Dry Matter 11 - 13% 14 - 16% 17 - 20% 21 - 24 %
% of Root above Ground 60 - 55% 45 - 36% 35 - 26% 25 - 15%
Use Hand lifting or Graze Graze or Lift Lift Lift
Feeding Whole or Chopped Whole or Chopped Stock or AD (Washed) Chopped Only AD Washed and Stock Chopped Only
Dry Matter Yield Lower     Higher
Fresh Yield Higher     Lower
Storing Poorer     Better
Dirt TareLower Lower     Dirtier

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