Maize Under-Sowing Service

Leaving maize stubble over winter will not be an option in the future.  Establishing a crop or cover after maize harvest is often not realistic because of autumn soil conditions and problems of late sowing. 

Under-sowing with grass, legumes and other species is becoming a practical option.  Grass can also count as an 'ecological focus area' option in England.

Maize Undersowing

Inspired by trials in Herefordshire and extensive Danish research, contractor Roy Price, Field options and the Wye and Usk Foundation (WUF) have collaborated to build a drill specifically for under-sowing cover crops in maize. 

Three more purpose built Weaving drills have been added to the service. For more information, login or register to view our Maize Undersowing Leaflet.  Or for more information, please contact us.