Mixtures for environmental stewardship schemes are mainly mixed to order and are often particular to local specification.  We have access to a massive range of species suitable to these schemes and have considerable experience in designing mixtures to create good field performance, while also meeting the scheme specifications and realising the environmental objectives. 

Use our selector below to find mixes specific to your scheme or alternatively contact us to discuss your scheme and we can help with recommendations.

Stewardship Categories

AB1 Nectar Flower Mix

AB3 Beetle Banks

AB7 Wholecrop Cereals

AB8 Flower Rich Margins

AB9 Winter Bird Food

AB12 Farmland Bird Food

AB13 Brassica Fodder Crop

AB15 Two Year Legume Fallow

AB16 Autumn Sown ‘Bumblebird’ Mix

GS3 Ryegrass – Seed Set as winter food for birds

GS4 Legume & Herb Rich Fallow

SW7 + SW14 Arable Reversion Mixtures


Available Products