Dairy, beef and sheep farms with the best financial performance in UK bench marking systems, all produce a higher proportion of meat or milk from home produced forage. They more forage and utilise it more efficiently. Field Options main business objective is to help farmers improve profit through self-sufficiency by optimising yield and quality of grass and forage. This starts with the field team having an understanding of the feed requirements of all ruminant livestock enterprises plus a depth of knowledge of what grass mixtures and forage crops best suit each class of livestock, the range of feeding systems and local soils and climatic challenges. 

Our service can involve:

  • Appraisal of current grass and forage crops

  • Assessment of forage conservation systems

  • Evaluation of soil type and structure plus full nutrient analysis

  • On farm crop agronomy

  • Crop management and feeding guidelines

  • Comprehensive crop costings  

Let us know your challenges, we can let you know our potential solutions and put you in touch with our local specialist to advise and assist.