Improved Magnum with Rhizomania Tolerance

Enermax is another uniform, high dry matter beet with high yield potential. From the same breeder as Magnum, they claim 9% higher fresh root yield and 10% higher dry matter yield. It is a dual purpose variety for fodder of AD use.

At a dry matter of ±17–19%, it needs chopping before feeding to livestock. It also grows deeper in the soil than many lower dry matter types, but unlike sugar beet it is smoother skinned and relatively clean lifting. Enermax is Rhizomania tolerant.

17-20% Root Dry matter
26-35% of Root above Ground
Use: Lift
Feeding: Stock or AD (Washed), Chopped Only
High Dry Matter Yield
Low Fresh Yield
Stores Well
High Dirt Tare
Pack Size
50,000 Seeds
100,000 Seeds
Seed Rate
42,500-50,000 Seeds/acre
105,000-124,000 Seeds/ha