For all classes of livestock

Well established variety, Lactimo produces high fresh weight yield of medium dry matter yellow/orange roots. It has good seedling vigour and strong foliar growth. It produces very big tops with good disease resistance. Roots have low dirt tare, ideally harvested by machine but can also be hand lifted. The low dry matter, high % of root above ground and large tops with winter growth make Lactimo a very popular variety for grazing in situ.

Active Boost
11-13% Root Dry Matter
55-60% of Root above Ground
Use: Hand Lifting or Graze
Feeding: Whole or Chopped
Low Dry Matter Yield
High Fresh Yield
Low Dirt Tare
Pack Size
50,000 Seeds
100,000 Seeds
Seed Rate
42,500-50,000 Seeds/acre
105,000-124,000 Seeds/ha
Lactimo Fodder Beet