Silage fermentation and effective preservation depends on creating anaerobic conditions in silage clamps. Optimising the ensiling process depends on driving air out of the crop and preventing any ingress of air into the clamp. The key influences are how the clamp is filled, what crop specific inoculants are used and how well the clamp is sealed. Silage sheets act as a seal on the clamp, but there is a great range in the air permeability of different brands on the market. 

Field Options are agents for Silostop, producers of very high specification oxygen barrier recyclable polymers. We supply a tough but thin 45 micron Silostop Orange barrier film, used to optimise the seal under standard silage sheets as well as a single sheet solution, Silostop Max. This is a very tough  80 micron orange and black sheet single sheet system. We also have tough 110 micron wall sheets designed to protect concrete walls and to minimise waist on the shoulders of the clamp.

The Field Options team and our partners can also advise on best practice in harvest timing, techniques, inoculant choice and clamp management. 

This section of the website is still under construction. If you need more information on silage sheets and their use, please contact Field Options.