AB9 Winter Bird Food

Areas sown to AB9 mixtures provide an important food source for farmland birds by producing an abundant and available supply of small seeds during the autumn and winter months. Farmland birds benefit from the seeds from October and beneficial insects including bumblebees, solitary bees, butterflies and hoverflies using the flowers as a source of nectar during the summer.

Mix Options: AB9 Areas can be established for one or two seasons. If two years of cover is planned, then you need to create enough cover from perennial or biennial species to produce appropriate results in the 2nd season. Our two year mixture contains easily established and vigorous Fodder Rape and Chicory. Many farmers will have access to farm saved cereal seed, so there are versions of our key mixtures without the cereal element. SSO = Small Seeds Only. These are designed to be mixed on farm at drilling. There are and infinite number of mix options, so Special mixtures can be formulated, if required.

Organic Available
AB9 Stewardship Mix