Winter to Spring Catch Crops

Protector or Humbolt Forage Rye

From a September sowing the best Forage Ryes can produce 6 tonnes of dry matter/hectare by 1st May. By the end of March Rye can produce one tonne more dry matter/ha than Italian Ryegrass. Early sown Rye
can also be grazed in the autumn-early winter period. Rye is exceptionally hardy and will grow through the winter producing the earliest spring grazing. Normally strip grazed by cattle, or rotationally block grazed by sheep. Surplus growth can make good silage at the end of April. See also N-Rich Rye x Hairy Vetch mix

Sow late Aug/Oct then graze Nov/Apr.


Hardier than any other cereal
Rarely stops growing in winter
Exceptional March grazing
Holds soil nutrients and builds soil fibre
Extra silage
Pack Size
25 kg , 500 kg
Seed Rate
50–60 kg/acre
125–150 kg/ha
Protector Rye