Forage Rye and Vetch mixture

Good autumn weed suppression. Very hardy, it continues to grow even in very hard winters. Best potential yield of spring biomass. Sow from early September to early October for optimum performance.

Also makes good Winter to Spring catch crop that qualifies as a cover crop for EFA if allowed to grow on through to late January before grazing.  It can then be rotationally grazed through to April or cut for silage late April-early May.

Very Hardy
Good weed suppression
Vetches build fertility
Excellent reduction of nutrient leaching
Holds soil nutrients and enhances soil structure
Spring growth dries out soil through transpiration
Surplus can provide both autumn and early spring grazing
Pack Size
Seed Rate
25–36 kg/acre
60–90 kg/hectare
N-Rich (forage Rye and Winter Vetch mixture)