Tomahawk Pro-Nitro

1-2 year cutting ley with Red Clover

A version of the standard Tomahawk containing Red Clover for extra protein content, drought tolerance and much less dependence on artificial fertiliser.

Cutting Dates: 70’D’ 17th May 67’D’ 23rd May
Minimum Cutting Height: 4” (10 cm)

Organic Available
Very high silage yield for up to two full seasons of production
Very good spring growth and yield at 1st cut
Maintains high ‘D’ value for 2nd cut better than most Italian Ryegrass mixtures
High protein silage, especially at 2nd and 3rd cut
Excellent late summer/autumn grazing, especially for lambs
Pack Size
12.0 kg
Seed Rate
12.0 kg/acre
29.7 kg/ha
Tomahawk Pro-Nitro grass mix