AB15 Stewardship - Two Year Legume Fallow

The objective of the AB15 stewardship option is to create areas of abundant food for insects, improve soil health and fertility as well as creating a break to assist in the management of challenging annual grass weeds, like Blackgrass. The legume flowers provide a food source for a range of insects which feed on nectar and pollen, such as bees, hoverflies, butterflies, moths and some beetles. They in turn provide feed for some farmland birds. The legumes also, suppress weeds, enhance soil biology and structure, and build fertility for the following crops.  

The seed mixture must contain a minimum of 6 flower species. You can include grasses such as Cocksfoot, Perennial Ryegrass or Timothy in the seed mix. They establish faster than the legumes, help smother blackgrass and other competitive grass weeds. They also mop up excess nitrogen, reducing leaching and holding onto fertility for the following crop.

AB15 Stewardship Two Year Legume Fallow Options