Reliable, top vigour, high-yield with excellent feed quality

Sergio is a very uniform three-way cross variety bred by KWS. Yield has been consistent across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scandinavia over many seasons. It performed particularly well in the very challenging seasons of 2012 and 2015 where its impressive vigour and stability gave it a strong advantage, especially in more marginal areas. Sergio showed further adaptability with good performance in the heat and dry of summer 2018. In trials it has exhibited very high starch content as well as good cell wall digestibility. It can also be used for grain.   


Exceptional early vigour
Early grain development
Very high yield of high ME
Very Stable
Very good disease resistance
Good Wrapper leaf cover
Pack Size
50,000 Seeds
Planting method Seed Rate
40-45,000 Seeds per Acre
Sergio Maize Variety from Field Options Ltd