Early, very high yield and very high ME

Rodriguez is a very stable cross variety from KWS.  It was originally bred for very early grain maize production, but in silage trials it performed exceptionally well.  Whatever the season, it produces big yields of very high starch silage.  Rodriguez has been impressive in cool seasons and marginal areas, but also shows strong drought tolerance, demonstrating a high degree of stability.  Pollination is very efficient even under stress, producing full grain cobs across all sites.  Rodriguez is popular across NW Europe for silage and grain.

Good early vigour
Early grain development
Reliable full cob pollination
Excellent lodging resistance
Very high yield of high ME
Very Stable
Good cob wrapper leaf cover
High yield of excellent quality grain
Pack Size
50,000 Seeds
Planting method Seed Rate
40-45,000 Seeds per Acre
Rodriguez Maize Variety from Field Options Ltd