Top performer for yield, earliness and quality

Prospect is a new variety from Limagrain, their best variety in this class since the introduction of Ambition, which it out-performs in earliness, vigour, drought tolerance, yield and feed quality. Feed quality is driven by a combination of both high starch content and very high fibre digestibility. Compared with many new hybrids in this earliness group, Prospect also stands well and has good resistance to eyespot. It is set to dominate the early Maize market in the UK. It can be harvested as silage, grain or CCM. 

Excellent early vigour
Early grain development
Top energy yield in its class
Consistent performance across seasons
Full cob development
Good resistance to Kabatiella Eyespot
Good resistance to lodging
Wide harvest window
Pack Size
50,000 seeds
Planting method Seed Rate
Precision Drill
Silage 40-46,000 Seeds per Acre (99,000-114,000/Hectare)
Precision Drill
Grain or CCM 36-38,000 Seeds per Acre (89,000-94,000/Hectare)
Prospect Maize Cobs