2-3 year cutting ley

Slightly lower yield than pure Italian based mixtures, but potentially higher energy yield because it holds ‘D’ value for longer due to inclusion of Hybrid and Perennial Ryegrasses. It also has a much denser sward and the ability to last up to three years.

3 Year Trials Results: Spitfire averaged 5.3 tonnes/year more 30% DM silage than the control Hybrid Ryegrass

Cutting Dates: 70’D’ 18th May 67’D’ 24th May
Minimum Cutting Height: 4” (10 cm)

Tested Mixture


Spitfire Pro-Nitro

A version of standard Spitfire including persistent Red Clover varieties for extra protein content, drought tolerance and much lower dependence on artificial fertiliser.

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Very good spring growth with excellent yield at both 1st & 2nd cut
Much improved 2nd cut digestibility optimises silage quality
Good grazing potential in spring and autumn
Very good resistance to Mildew, Rust and Rhynchosporium
Pack Size
14.0 kg
Seed Rate
14.0 kg/acre
34.6 kg/ha
Spitfire Grass Mixture