Hybrid 3x3

3 year dual purpose ley

Hybrid 3x3 produces high yields of silage for three years or more.

3 Year Trials Results: Hybrid 3x3 averaged 12.5 tonnes/year more 30% DM silage than the control Hybrid Ryegrass

Cutting Dates: 70’D’ 21st May 67’D’ 27th May
Minimum Cutting Height: 4” (10 cm)

Tested Mixture
Organic Available


Hybrid 3x3 Pro-Nitro

Similar to the standard Hybrid 3x3 but with Red Clover varieties

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Hybrid 3x3 without Clover

Similar to the standard Hybrid 3x3 mixture, but without clover for better weed control.  

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Impressive yield, similar to Italian Ryegrasses but with simpler management and more persistence
Easier to maintain ‘D’ value at 2nd and 3rd cut than Italian mixtures
High sugar content for enhanced fermentation
Ideal for multi-cut silage management and zero grazing
Excellent resistance to foliar diseases
Very good grazing in spring and late summer/autumn
Pack Size
14.0 kg
Seed Rate
14.0 kg/acre
34.6 kg/ha
Hybrid 3x3 Grass Mix 10.19