GS4 Eco-Pasture

A mixture containing a broad range of grasses, legumes and herbs designed to combine productive grazing with habitat for pollinators and invertebrates as well as improving soil structure and fertility. Eco-Pasture is also used outside of Stewardship where diverse swards are desired.

Some key species of clover and herbs may need to be reintroduced after three seasons to maintain stewardship specifications.

Ask for our GS4 Information Sheet for management guidelines.

Organic Available
Suited to all ruminant livestock in controlled grazing situations
Long season of production
Very good mid-season production and drought tolerance
Enhanced mineral profile from the wide range of species grown
Suitable for both cutting and grazing
Ideally cut at five weeks to guarantee high quality
Add Bio-Root Mycorrhiza & Rhizobacteria to Turbocharge soil biology
Pack Size
17.0 kg, half hectare pack