2-3 year ley for grazing in arable rotations

Most short term grasses are very challenging to graze and rarely well utilised by grazing livestock. These grasses do not produce densely tillered swards, are less palatable and prone to producing heads too quickly. There is an increasing demand for short term grazing leys for both sheep and cattle, especially in arable rotations where grass leys are being reintroduced to enhance the rotation and assist in controlling Blackgrass. To meet this demand we have developed Easy-Graze. It is based on the most productive, palatable Perennial Ryegrasses and White Clovers.

Organic Available


Easy-Graze Herbal

Easy-Graze with Plantain and Chicory to enhance summer production and mineral content of the pasture.

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Very high yield under grazing management
High levels of production throughout the grazing season
Ideal for multi-cut silage management and zero grazing
Excellent resistance to foliar diseases
Surplus production can make excellent silage or hay
Can last up to five years if required
Pack Size
14.0 kg
Seed Rate
14.0 kg/acre
34.6 kg/ha
Easy Graze Grass Mixture