Red Clover

Perennial Forage Legumes

We offer an increasing range of mixtures containing Red Clover driven by increasing awareness of the benefits plus the availability of more persistent and adaptable varieties.

✓ Very high yield potential ±13 tonnes DM/hectare
✓ Drought tolerant
✓ Compatible with many grasses adding ± 3 tonnes/ha/annum DM to grass leys
✓ Adapted to most soils and regions
✓ Flexibility of management
✓ High protein content 18–22% CP and good ME
✓ Protein naturally protected from degradation in ensiling
✓ High level of aerobic stability of the silage
✓ Excellent for late summer and autumn lamb grazing
✓ Fixes ±150kg N/ha/year
✓ Potential to dramatically improve soil structure

✗ Low sugar levels and protein buffers fermentation, especially at low DM%
✗ Need for a four year break between crops
✗ Up to three years persistence—but getting longer
✗ Naturally high in oestrogen, this can influence fertility of ewes
✗ Not persistent under hard grazing
✗ Very aggressive, can swamp grass in mixtures
✗ Bloat risk when grazing

Red Clover Varieties:

Varieties are selected for high yield and adaptability.

Key varieties:
1–2 years: Merviot, Merula, Atlantis, Lemmon, AberClaret, .
3–4 years: AberClaret,  AberChianti, Corvus, MilvusMagellan, Atlantis

*Full details from Recommended List available from Field Options

Organic Available
Very High Yield Potential
Drought tolerant
Potential to dramatically improve soil structure
Pack Size
5 & 25 kg
Seed Rate
Straight Red Clover 5-6 kg/acre (12.5-15.0 kg/hectare)
Red Clover Perennial Forage Legumes