Maincrop Turnips

90–130 days to maturity

Maincrop turnips have the advantage over Swedes and Kale of more vigorous establishment and faster maturity. The Turnip market is dominated by fast growing Stubble Turnips.

Traditional Turnips are slower to mature, but have a number of benefits over Stubble Turnips; they are higher yielding, have higher ME and better root anchorage. Some are not hardy and only suitable for feeding in late autumn/early winter, but the best, like Massif, were developed from Green-Top Scotch and are both high yielding and very hardy.

Seed Treatment Options: U = Untreated, T = Thiram and Sepiret



Bred by SCRI in Scotland. The highest yielding variety combined with good hardiness. Matures in 100–125 days.

Seed Treatments
Natural Seed
Thiram and Sepiret
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Green Globe

Popular variety. Faster maturing than Massif, but not as high yielding or as hardy.

Also available: Green Top Scotch

Seed Treatments
Natural Seed
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Pack Size
Planting method Seed Rate
Conventional and Direct Drill
0.5–1.25kg/acre (1.25–3kg/ha)
0.7–1.25kg/acre (1.7–3kg/ha)
Massif Turnip