Fodder Rapes

90–120 days to maturity

Not as popular as Stubble Turnips, but fodder rapes have a number of potential advantages: They are potentially higher yielding, especially if planted early enough to realise their full potential and, if planted in the spring for summer grazing, they hold quality over a much longer period. Because all the grazed plant is above the ground, utilisation is also higher and the leaves are more frost tolerant when autumn-winter feeding.

The best varieties have good bolting, mildew and Alternaria resistance as well as a high leaf to stem ratio and good hardiness. Some also have strong regrowth after grazing allowing them to be grazed twice.

Seed Treatment Options: U = Untreated


SF Greenland

A medium height, leafy Rape with good palatability and aphid tolerance.

It can be used for summer, autumn and winter feeding.

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A very high yielding variety suited to summer, autumn or winter grazing. 

It also has good re-growth potential and has some Alternaria resistance.


Graded and Natural Seed
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Pack Size
Planting method Seed Rate
Conventional and Direct Drill
1.0–2.0kg/acre (2.5–5.0kg/ha)
1.5–2.5kg/acre (3.7–6.2kg/ha)
Fodder Rape