Graded and Natural Seed, T, C + Organic Seed

Bred by JHI Scotland. Medium dry matter, very high yielding, dual purpose variety for grazing or human consumption. Good resistance to Mildew, Clubroot and splitting.

Organic Available
Very high yielding
Dual purpose variety for grazing or human consumption
Pack Size
500 g
1 kg
Planting method Seed Rate
Precision Drill
Graded Seed at 200-500 g/acre (0.5kg-1.25 kg/ha)
Conventional and Direct Drill
Natural Seed at 0.5-1.0 kg/acre (1.25-2.5 kg/ha)
Natural Seed at 0.7-1.25 kg/acre (1.7-3.0 kg/ha)
Lomond Suede