Big Root Yield - Big Top Yield

Initially developed for the AD market by Strube, Acker is now widely used as animal feed. It combines very high yield with relatively clean lifting roots. DM yield in trials has been 5-6 t/ha higher than Beretta, energy yield 12% higher. Acker has very large tops, potentially protecting the crown when harvesting late. Bolting resistance is excellent. Mildew and rust resistance are also very good. Acker is also Rhizomania tolerant.

Tested Mixture
Root Dry Matter: 21-23%
75-85% of Root in Ground
Use: Lift
Feeding: AD (Washed) & Stock, Chopped Only
Very High Dry Matter Yield
Low Fresh Yield
High Dirt Tare
Stores Well
Pack Size
50,000 Seeds