Early, with excellent vigour and high yield

Arvid is an old Nordic name, reflecting the varieties suitability to the marginal maize growing areas of Northern Europe. It is a very uniform three-way cross variety bred by KWS. Early vigour is excellent and yield has been consistently high across a range of sites over the last three seasons. It has been outstanding in Field Options independent trials. In 2018 it also showed good drought tolerance. Arvid is consistently +/- 5 days earlier than Glory and Ambition and yields >1.5 t/ha more silage at 33% DM than Glory.


Excellent early vigour
Early grain development
High yield of high ME
Very stable
Very good disease resistance
Good cob formation and wrapper leaf cover
Pack Size
50,000 Seeds
Planting method Seed Rate
40-46,000 Seeds per Acre
Arvid Maize Variety from Field Options